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Thanks Mitch

Thanks Mitch
July 1st 2011, Mitch with Harvard MIT Club and friends

viernes, 1 de julio de 2011


We have brought this image of a spiderweb as a symbol. All these threads together were able to do what, for a single thread, was impossible: they have caught a seed that was flying in the wind. We want to thank Mitch for being such an important part of our spiderweb, and for both sending wonderful ideas and projects into the world but also for helping us catch them.  This blog may help to continue building spiderwebs with new people who want to join and help to trap ideas and turn them into projects like the Computer Clubhouses, the Robotics Labs, Scratch Clubs, and many others to come and are for us together to invent and create.

Thanks Mitch.

Photograph by Mary Jane McCormick